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Frequently Asked Question

How long will my order take to ship?

All Products sign orders will generally ship within 5 to 7 business days.
If for some reason your order cannot be shipped within the normal time frame, please contact us check for order status shipping.

Where will my items be shipped from?

All Products signs ship directly from the manufacturer’s warehouse located in California.

What's included in my purchase?

For INDOOR sign – you’ll be receiving complete neon sign, plug and play:
Neon sign with backing (depends on request)
Power supply with 6ft cable
Neon StandOff or Chain (depends on request)

For OUTDOOR sign – neon sign in aluminum box with no sponge plug power supply. For additional outdoor power supply, additional $85 fee. “

Does my neon include hardware to hang it?

Yes, we provide hanging hardware stainless chain.

Can I turn my neon on or off?

Yes, it comes with a pull up chain to turn sign on/off.

Can I place my neon outdoors?

We normally make indoor signs. But for an OUTDOOR sign, there will be an additional charge for making the sign inside an aluminum box to protect it from the weather. It comes without a plug, ready to be hardwired into your electric.

What does it mean if I hear a high-pitched tone?

Electronic neon transformers output a very high frequency. A high-pitched tone could be audible to some, but most likely not to others. This is completely normal.